About Us


Self care is not frivolous or shallow, it is a vital tool needed to function at an optimal level. When feeling our best, we are better able to be productive and give to others around us, thereby elevating and adding another element to our wellness. We at Elements For Wellness are passionate in helping our guests feel and look their best.

We proudly use Repechage and Biotone skin and body products. Each massage includes use of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils of your choice. Our integrative bodywork techniques include, but are not limited to: Swedish massage, Deep tissue, Sports therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Acupressure, Myofascial release, Cranial Sacral therapy, Hot Stone and Cold Stone therapy, Prenatal massage and Targeted stretching.  Our Peppermint Sea Twist body wrap by Repechage Skin Care is a refreshing treatment that allows the clients to lose inches and decrease the appearance of cellulite in their trouble areas. It is both firming and contouring. Repechage's patented formula of seaweed, caffeine, and peppermint essential oil targets detoxification, releasing excess stored fluid in the body, while rehydrating, smoothing the skin and heightening the senses.